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It’s time to say #GoodbyeToTheGloveBox and #HelloeSlips!

Webinar - Broker Success with eSignatures

eSignatures are a critical tool for brokers who want to reduce costs, improve efficiency, minimize E&O exposure, and strengthen the customer experience. Watch this webinar to hear veteran insurance broker John MacLeod and Signority CEO Jane He discuss the benefits of eSignatures as well as the legal requirements in Canada, benefits of eSignatures as compared to paper and how to identify best practices for high consumer adoption.


John Pino, Vice President East Operations & Industry Relations at MacLeod Lorway Insurance

Jane He, CEO, Signority 

Moustapha Hassan, Business Development Manager, Signority

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence - Engaging Your Customers Through AI

Artificial Intelligence has been on the top of IT leaders’ minds for the past few years. Machine learning has the potential to completely change the way we work, and to help us to deepen our relationships with our customers. This broker webinar examines the basics of AI, case studies, how it applies to the insurance industry and questions raised by AI. 


Charles Finley, Global Director of Marketing & Communications at IBI Group and former VP, Marketing & Communications at MaRS Discovery District

Stephen O’Brien, Director and Senior Practice Lead, Intelligent Systems, and AI technology stream lead, IBI Group

Lindsay Ellerby, Senior Design Director, Normative Design and Lead and Founder, Design+AI Meetup

TSX Webinar: Customer Experience Journey

Speaker Ron Berg, Executive Director of the Agents Council for Technology (‘ACT’), presents the omnipresent Customer Experience – What CX is, the technology ‘touchpoints’ consumers and customers expect in their broker interactions, and how brokers can extend their ease of doing business through technology interfaces. This webinar also cover an interactive ACT ‘CX planning website’, which also helps brokers understand and address the touchpoint improvements.

EDI Standards Training Session

EDI Standards Training Session

My Proof of Insurance – The Consumer Experience

Say good-bye to paper! The My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution enables members to send digital policy documents for personal and commercial lines, including proof of auto insurance (eSlips) to consumers over email, at no additional cost. Let your customers know you offer this option: Click on the share icon to share with your customers or post on your website!

How Does My Proof of Insurance eDelivery Work?

This video demonstrates how to use the My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution manually through the web browser interface.

TSX Webinar: User Experience (UX) Design Best Practices

User experience (UX) can be defined as the totality of the experience a user has when interacting with a digital product – it can be their impressions and feelings, whether they’re successful, whether they feel like coming back again.

eSignatures & Call Recording for Brokers

eSignatures & Call Recording for Brokers

Crash Course: Chatbots (Part 1)

Part 1: Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate natural conversation with human users, and innovative companies in the insurance industry are using them more and more to improve customer service.

Watch Part 2 here

Crash Course: Chatbots (Part 2)

Part 2: After defining your Minimum Viable Chatbot, you should then consider these steps…

Correction: mark 1:15 of this video mentions Smooch as the “bot builder platform” but, in fact, ProNavigator is the bot builder platform used by Excalibur Insurance, Cheep Insurance and isure. Smooch provides chat software which ProNavigator integrates with.

Watch Part 1 here