Professional Development FAQs

Complete six or more CSIO courses, then download your certificate from your Dashboard.

No, you can take as much time as you need to complete the course. You can watch videos and do the quiz more than once.

Yes, you can pause a video and re-start anytime. You can also re-watch videos.

It will be on your CSIO dashboard as soon as you’ve successfully passed the course quiz.

Each course is a series of videos.

  • Watch all the videos in your course, from start to finish.
  • Complete the “Test Your Knowledge” question in each video.
  • Earn at least 60% on the quiz at the end of the course. You can take the quiz more than once without re-taking the course. You can also replay the videos, if you wish.
  • Once you’ve passed the quiz, enter your first and last name and the system will post your completion certificate to your CSIO dashboard.