Seamless Transfers, Easy Downloads

Smooth, fast downloads of documents directly from an insurer’s or vendor’s system to a broker management system (BMS), via CSIOnet. 

They’re reliable and effective, since the eDocs Standard ensures insurers and vendors follow the agreed structure.

What You’ll Need

To implement and make eDocs available to brokers, insurers and vendors require:
Access to CSIO Data Standards
A CSIOnet mailbox

Resources and Supporting Documents

CSIO Implementation Guide

Request our Implementation guide for step-by-step instructions to program the sending of eDocs via CSIOnet.

CSIO eDocs Availability Chart

A growing list of eDocs is available from these insurers. Contact your insurer and vendor to set up eDocs today.

CSIO eDocs Savings Calculator

It’s easy to find out how much time and money you’ll save by using eDocs.  

Get Certified

Verify you’ve implemented eDocs according to CSIO Data Standards. Ensure a streamlined workflow for eDocs exchange with brokers.
Get eDocs certification for Billing, Claims, Personal Lines and Commercial Lines.
Learn more about CSIO Certifications