Eliminating Z-Codes for Broker Efficiency


By replacing Z-Codes (non-standard coverage codes) with CSIO Standards, insurers provide accurate data exchange with brokers.

Explore the resources below to learn more about eliminating Z-Codes.


What Brokers Can Do


If a broker receives a Z-Code in an insurer download, they can share the details with standards@csio.com.

Important details include the Z-Code the insurer sent and what coverage the Z-Code represents.


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Eliminating Z-Codes creates a better workflow for brokers and improves the customer experience. Learn more about how standardized coverage codes benefit brokers.

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Insurers and vendors can submit a Standards Maintenance Request (MR) to add a new code to the CSIO Standards and to eliminate a Z-Code. Submit your MRs here.

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See the list of insurers who have eliminated all Z-Codes and only use CSIO Standard coverage codes.