Working Groups

Working GroupsStandards allow insurance information to be efficiently moved forward, but the standards couldn’t be developed in the first place without working groups. Working groups ultimately benefit the entire P&C insurance industry by providing an outlet for brokers, insurers and software providers to collectively resolve issues of information flow.

Active participation in working groups is reserved for current CSIO members.

CSIO standards are agile and evolve with the constantly changing industry. Get involved in CSIO Monthly Standards Working Groups held the first Tuesday of every month from 2 to 3pm EST via webinars. Register here.

This will allow your organization to:

  • Build standards that address your specific business needs (along with the needs of other insurance stakeholders)
  • Develop in-house standards expertise by collaborating with industry leaders
  • Achieve recognition and enhanced visibility to others in the P&C industry by contributing constructively to the standards development process

What do working groups do?

When a CSIO member identifies a problem or requires an update to a standard, then they’ll complete a maintenance request (MR) for that particular standard/code. These MRs are then reviewed by the standards experts at CSIO and incorporated into the upcoming working group(s).

Each working group is facilitated by a standards expert at CSIO. The MRs that were put forward by CSIO members are discussed and evaluated. It is through these discussions that new standards and standardized forms are developed to move insurance information forward for the entire P&C industry.

Each working group usually lasts one (1) hour. The working groups are held online via web conference.

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What is the process?

CSIO members can come forward and request amendments and/or additions to the standards.

A working group then evaluates the usefulness of a potential standards change and assesses the level of support in the P&C industry.

To learn more about the standards MR process, click here.

Who qualifies?

Membership in working groups is open to CSIO members.

Please try to select the professional in your organization who seems most appropriate for a particular working group.

What decisions do members make?

All areas of CSIO standards development and enhancement are covered by working groups.

CSIO members who participate in the working groups represent the opportunity for their organization’s voice to be heard. No members are favoured over other members. All ideas and opinions raised at our working groups are considered with equal weight. In fact, these working groups tend to generate the best value when they are comprised of a diverse collection of stakeholders – from big insurance companies to small brokerages. CSIO working groups are about serving the entire Canadian P&C industry.

The CSIO standards expert who facilitates each working group will work to achieve a consensus within the group. This consensus is often achieved. When it isn’t, a special working group is normally established to discuss the outstanding issues and find a resolution.

Get involved!

CSIO members can participate in working groups by consulting our Upcoming Events page. Take note of the working group(s) and fill out the working group registration form. You’ll then be included in all email communications relating to that working group.