Your system must be able to send eDocs through CSIOnet. 

All messages you generate as part of the test cases need to pass general SMTP or Web Call Services and XML validations. Criteria is required for the envelope structure as well as the XML schema, as defined in the implementation guides.

There are four types of eDoc Certifications available: 

  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Personal Lines and 
  • Commercial Lines. 

Each business type has custom certification requirements.  

CSIO can give you a list of the Z-Codes your organization uses.

Then we’ll support your team with mapping the codes to the standards. 

Email us at to get your list of Z-Codes.

Once your organization is Level III-certified, you don’t need to start again at Level I for each segment.

We do recommend insurers and vendors demonstrate the functionality for each business segment.

Level II and Level III require you to demonstrate real-time data exchange is working properly. Together, you and your partner will test that data is transferring and that it’s usable when received.

We can provide feedback towards amending your application. Please email us at

Absolutely! All certified members will receive a CSIO Certification logo. You can put the logo on marketing and promotional material related to the certified application.

In addition, we’ll post your organization’s achievement on CSIO’s website.

This depends on the type of certification and on the amount of time you need to complete each step.

There is no time limit. You complete the certification at your own pace.

No, the certification program costs are part of your membership fee.

The CSIO Certification programs and process are outlined here.

We can also set up a call with you to answer questions, review your current status and discuss the next steps. Please email us at