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KSU Convention CL Data Standards and Certification

Monica Hanna led an engaging session on Commercial Lines Data Standards and Certification at the first Keal System Users Virtual Experience Convention on September 17. Watch to find out how CL Data Standards are being implemented, and what that means for brokers.

EDI Standards Training Session

EDI Standards Training Session

XML Standards Training Session

XML Standards Training Session

Updating CSIO Standards 101

The CSIO XML and EDI standards allow a seamless data exchange between broker management systems and insurance companies, resulting in efficient workflow and lower costs across the property & casualty insurance industry.

CSIO Messages - Policy Change

CSIO Messages - Policy Change

CSIO Messages - Driver Assignment

CSIO Messages - Driver Assignment

CSIO Messages - Pt. 2 - Pre-Call

CSIO Messages - Pt. 2 - Pre-Call

CSIO Messages - Pt. 1 - Risk Appetite

CSIO Messages - Pt. 1 - Risk Appetite

How To Video: Standards Request Tool

How-to Video on the Standards Request Tool:

The Value Of Standards: An Insurer's Perspective

CSIO sat down with a senior executive from one of Canada’s largest insurance companies, Travelers Canada, and discussed the value of standards to his company.

What Is CSIOnet?

A brief look into what CSIOnet and eDocs are, and the benefits they bring to insurers and brokers.

Standards In Everyday Life

Watch this brief video to learn how we use standards in our everyday lives and how CSIO data standards are important.

Policy Works Used CSIO Standards To Develop Their Mobile App

CSIO sat down with Kevin Campbell, President of Policy Works, to learn how they leveraged CSIO standards in its innovative solutions for the broker channel.

XML Standards 101

101/introductory video on data standards, specifically XML. Hans Gantzkow, Senior Architect and Analyst at CSIO explains standards, XML, EDI, real time and why it all matters to brokers and insurers.

Introduction To CSIOnet

This video provides useful general information about CSIOnet, along with some interesting facts that you likely didn’t know!