Video Section - eSignatures


TSX Webinar - eSignatures

Watch this webinar for: Workflow enhancements - learn how eSignatures fit into your daily workflow; Broker testimonials - hear from brokers who have already realized the benefits of eSignatures; Live, open dialogue with our panel of brokers.

What Do eSignatures Mean For Brokers?

eSignatures improve the customer experience, making it easy to sign insurance documents while saving paper and reducing costs for brokers – up to $6.50 per paper signature.

Broker Perspectives On Technology

In this video, hear Keal System Users (KSU) brokers discuss many important subjects: commercial eDocs, eSignatures, TLS eMail Security and the mobile web.

Broker Perspectives On eSignatures

CSIO interviews two brokers about eSignatures - Adam Mitchell of Mitchell & Whale Insurance and Gord Thompson of Christie-Phoenix Insurance.

How Do eSignatures Work?

This video provides a demonstration of how eSignatures work - from both broker and client perspectives.

Webinar: A Lawyer’s Perspective on eSignatures in Canadian Insurance

Daniel Fabiano of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP delivers a presentation on the legal landscape of eSignatures and answers some important questions, including ‘are Canadian consumers ready for eSignatures’?