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Pivoting a Digital Roadmap in the New Normal

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from John Elliott, SVP and Chief Information Officer from RSA Canada where he discussed how COVID-19 has impacted insurers and brokers, and why a digital shift is needed in the industry. 

In the webinar John also talked about making the shift to a paperless work environment, technology and processes to use to excel in a digital space and how to protect and manage cybersecurity concerns.

Panel Discussion: Digital Tools, Data Exchange and Broker Connectivity

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from industry leaders as they discuss the need for broker connectivity. Panelists include Graham Haigh, VP, Broker Distribution with Wawanesa Insurance, Pete Tessier, VP, Sales and Marketing for BSI Insurance in Manitoba and the Host and Producer of the Insurance Podcast, and Sydney Roe, Chief Marketing Officer at b atomic. 

With so many great questions from attendees, we asked the panelists to continue the discussion in this article

Webinaire Policy Works : L’ensemble minimal de données

Le CSIO a rejoint Applied pour discuter de l’ensemble de données minimum.

  • Pourquoi les normes sont importantes
  • Les défis de la normalisation de la CL
  • Détails sur les phases 1 et 2
  • Résumé de l’ensemble minimal de données
  • L’avenir de la notation en temps réel et des avantages pour les courtiers
Minimum Data Set and Applied Policy Works

Watch this recorded video as Monica Hanna, CSIO’s Business Solutions Delivery lead, joins Applied Policy Works to discuss the Minimum Data Set, including:

  • Why standards matter
  • Challenges faced with standardizing commercial lines
  • Details about phase one and phase two
  • Summary of the minimum data set
  • Future of real-time rating and broker benefits
My Proof of Insurance Walkthrough - for CAMIC members

Tailored to our CAMIC member community needs, watch this recorded webinar for a walkthrough of the My Proof of Insurance solution and learn how to create a digital experience for your members! 

eSignatures 101 for Brokers

eSignatures are an important tool for brokers to provide seamless customer service, reduce costs, drive efficiency, and minimize E&O. This video features a panelist from Signority, who will explain the broker benefits and eSignature workflows.

Webinar: Covid-19 and Digital Tools for Brokers

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from brokers about the best ways to continue to engage your teams, leverage digital tools and service your clients in these uncertain times. 

Learn from our broker panel as they share what has worked well for them, and discuss some of the digital tools that have helped them support their customers in recent weeks.

Webinar: Going Digital - Real World Learnings

Watch this webinar featuring Jeremy MacBean, PhD. from IT Weapons, a Division of Konica Minolta, on what Canadian businesses have been doing to successfully continue to operate during these challenging times. Jeremy discusses discusses how IT investment will change and issues surrounding remote work, including bandwith, video conferencing security and covid-19 frauds.

INNOTECH Members Voice Importance of Advisory Committee for Industry

Watch this video to hear from INNOTECH Advisory Committee members about why they think the initiative is important and how it can resolve common pain points through industry collaboration. 

Webinar: Looking Forward - CSIO's role in Shaping the Future of Insurance Technology

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from Monica Hanna, CSIO’s Business Solutions Lead, and Stephanie Wei, CSIO’s Industry Relations and Education Manager as they discuss:

  • The data from CSIO’s recent survey of over 1,000 brokers, insurers and vendors
  • How the insurance industry technology priorities are evolving
  • What CSIO’s role is in that transformation

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Commercial Lines Data Standards

My Proof of Insurance Broker Walkthrough

My Proof of Insurance eDelivery Solution - Broker Walkthrough

Watch this video to see how CSIO’s My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution works and and learn how to create a digital experience for your customers! This solution enables brokers to send customers digital policy documents for personal and commercial lines, as well as proof of auto insurance (eSlips).


Webinar: The Future of Work: Human and AI

Did you know that during a 6 minute customer service call, 75% of that time is devoted to CSRs doing manual research, with valued customer interaction at 25%?

Watch this recorded webinar to hear Joseph D'Souza, CEO and Founder of ProNavigator discuss how artificial intelligence can enable you to be better, faster and more responsive to your customers. AI, chatbots and automated, self-service technologies can help free your team from routine support requests so they can focus on more complex tasks that serve your customers.


Webinar: Social Media - Current Landscape and Future Trends

Watch this recorded webinar and listen to Naheed Somji, Senior Specialist of Social Media at Economical Insurance, as he presents data from Economical’s recent Pulse Check survey. Additionally, Naheed discusses his top five tips to brokers and insurance professionals on how they can get started with social media.

Webinar: Digital Marketing - Unlocking your Digital Front Door

Watch this webinar recording to hear digital marketing experts Jeff McCann and Margo Lyons from Apollo Exchange as they discuss the trends and best practices for effectively promoting your insurance business in the digital space. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What a digital presence does for your brokerage
  • First steps to getting your brokerage digitally active and online
  • Current digital trends in insurance
  • What marketing in insurance might look like in the future


Jeff McCann, Co-founder and CEO, Apollo Exchange

Margo Lyons, Head of Broker Engagement, Apollo Exchange

Webinar - Broker Success with eSignatures

eSignatures are a critical tool for brokers who want to reduce costs, improve efficiency, minimize E&O exposure, and strengthen the customer experience. Watch this webinar to hear veteran insurance broker John MacLeod and Signority CEO Jane He discuss the benefits of eSignatures as well as the legal requirements in Canada, benefits of eSignatures as compared to paper and how to identify best practices for high consumer adoption.


John Pino, Vice President East Operations & Industry Relations at MacLeod Lorway Insurance

Jane He, CEO, Signority 

Moustapha Hassan, Business Development Manager, Signority

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence - Engaging Your Customers Through AI

Artificial Intelligence has been on the top of IT leaders’ minds for the past few years. Machine learning has the potential to completely change the way we work, and to help us to deepen our relationships with our customers. This broker webinar examines the basics of AI, case studies, how it applies to the insurance industry and questions raised by AI. 


Charles Finley, Global Director of Marketing & Communications at IBI Group and former VP, Marketing & Communications at MaRS Discovery District

Stephen O’Brien, Director and Senior Practice Lead, Intelligent Systems, and AI technology stream lead, IBI Group

Lindsay Ellerby, Senior Design Director, Normative Design and Lead and Founder, Design+AI Meetup

TSX Webinar: Customer Experience Journey

Speaker Ron Berg, Executive Director of the Agents Council for Technology (‘ACT’), presents the omnipresent Customer Experience – What CX is, the technology ‘touchpoints’ consumers and customers expect in their broker interactions, and how brokers can extend their ease of doing business through technology interfaces. This webinar also cover an interactive ACT ‘CX planning website’, which also helps brokers understand and address the touchpoint improvements.

TSX Webinar: User Experience (UX) Design Best Practices

User experience (UX) can be defined as the totality of the experience a user has when interacting with a digital product – it can be their impressions and feelings, whether they’re successful, whether they feel like coming back again.

eSignatures & Call Recording for Brokers

eSignatures & Call Recording for Brokers

Password Management Tips for Brokers

Attendees will learn:

  • Password management tips
  • Information from expert panelist Steve Borza, President, Bluink Ltd.
  • Resources for password management
Trends 2017: Why Brokers Must Unleash their Digital Tools

Your customers are changing the rules, and brokers with traditional business models can’t sit still as they aim to retain a hold on their customer base. New competitors like Lemonade are blazing new ground with artificial intelligence, shrinking legacy business processes to mere seconds.

How to Protect your Brokerage from Social Engineering Tactics

Social engineering, also known as “human hacking”, takes advantage of common human behaviour to trick employees into downloading malicious code onto company computers or divulging sensitive information. Featuring panelist from Chubb.

Digital Marketing & Social Media for Brokers (May 2017)

Brokers Adam Mitchell (Mitchell & Whale) and Steve Manville (A-WIN) discuss best practices around digital marketing for brokerages.

TSX Webinar - Social Engineering

Social engineering, also known as “human hacking”, takes advantage of common human behaviour to trick employees into downloading malicious code onto company computers or divulging sensitive information.

TSX Webinar - Increasing Your Online Presence with SEO

Learn how Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile, social media and Google Analytics can be used collectively to enhance your brokerage’s online presence and customer experience. Featuring panelist Jeff Roy, President & CEO, Excalibur Insurance.

TSX Webinar - Ransomware 101 for Brokers

In this webinar, common questions regarding ransomware will be answered. For example: How does a ransomware infection happen, exactly? How can brokerages avoid being compromised by ransomware in the first place?

TSX Webinar - eSignatures - Benefits & Implementation for Brokers

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the legal requirements of eSignatures in Canada, the benefits of eSignatures as compared to paper, and identify best practices for high consumer adoption.

TSX Webinar - Cybersecurity: How to protect yourself and your company

Featuring a special guest cybersecurity expert from Grant Thornton LLP, learn how to improve your data security and learn some of the best practices for implementing a robust security strategy in your organization.

Access the presentation slides here.

Webinar: Digital Marketing & Social Media for Brokers

CSIO facilitates this webinar for IBAA on “Digital Marketing & Social Media for Brokers”. Featuring Alberta brokers Steve Manville and Cam Dyck.

Access the presentation slides here.

TSX Webinar - Security 101 For Brokers

This webinar will look at best practices/techniques brokers can implement to increase security within their brokerage.

Webinar: How To Protect Emails With Transport Layer Security

Grant Patten, Communications Specialist at CSIO presents to IBANS on “How to Protect Emails with Transport Layer Security”.

TSX Webinar - Measure Your Website Using Google Analytics

Measure your Website using Google Analytics

TSX Webinar - Increasing Your Online Presence

Learn how Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile, social media and Google Analytics can be used collectively to enhance your brokerage’s online presence and customer experience.

Webinar - Implementing An Effective Information Security Program: Safeguarding Network Data And Email With TLS

For more information on Transport Layer Security (TLS), visit the TLS section on the CSIO website: