Why You Should Accelerate Your Digital Expansion

A July 17 article in Canadian Underwriter looks at a new study conducted by BDC, a bank that specializes in working with entrepreneurs, that found that 60% of Canadian small businesses are missing out on growth opportunities available online.

Having a digital presence is no longer an option; it’s a requirement in order to grow your business. Not only will a digital presence strengthen the bond with customers, but it also positively impacts a business’ bottom line. 

“A strong digital presence is required for any business looking to grow,” said Norah Black, Marketing and Communications Director at the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. “It creates a stronger brand for your business, adding credibility and improving your online reputation,” she added. “Online platforms offer more opportunities to connect with your clients. They’re relationship builders — an investment in your client base — providing the opportunity to demonstrate your business’s personality to improve retention. Being active online helps you stand out. It’s another way to communicate, whether formally or informally.”

There are many ways in which being online can drive a brokerage’s growth. These include attracting new business thanks to your digital presence, increasing your reach and visibility, and boosting your customer service levels by giving customers more ways to reach you.

WIth a variety of tools available, such as Google Analytics, brokers are able to monitor and improve their digital strategies to achieve a consistent and engaging presence online. 

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