Certification for Insurers and Vendors

Demonstrate your compliance with CSIO Data Standards.

CSIO Certification programs outline the business and technical requirements for consistent, uniform and accurate data exchange.

Achieve the certifications available to insurers and vendors

They are a value-add to your membership. There’s no extra cost to certify.

For more information, contact certification@csio.com


API Security Standards

Show your commitment to API security and data confidentiality.

By implementing CSIO's API Security Standards, you demonstrate that you have incorporated secure API practices.

Learn more about API Security Standards.

CL Data Standards

Confirm you have programmed and implemented CSIO Commercial Lines Data Standards, with three progressive certificates:

  • Level I – Foundational: Set the groundwork for real-time quoting
  • Level II – Verified: Demonstrate successful data exchange in test scenarios
  • Level III – Certified: Launch real-time quoting

Learn more about CL Data Standards



Verify you’ve implemented the refined eDocs for Personal Lines and Commercial Lines.

Ensure a streamlined workflow for eDocs exchange with brokers.

View the Business Requirements and Certification Document.

For information on how to add a new eDoc code and description to the CSIO Standard, view the Maintenance Request process here. 


Show you are an insurer who uses only CSIO coverage codes in data exchange services with brokers, eliminating all Z-Codes (non-standard coverage codes).

Build broker confidence with standard codes since their broker management system (BMS) will recognize your codes every time.

Email certification@csio.com for more information.