My Proof of Insurance Improves the Digital Customer Experience

Hundreds of brokers now use the My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution to send digital policy documents and eSlips to consumers, realizing benefits such as improved customer service, digital workflow and reduced costs. And now they can add one more to the list: the ability to send policy documents and eSlips even in the event of a postal strike.

Canada Post has been in labour talks to negotiate a new contract for its employees since late 2017. Union members have been urged to vote to strike in votes that have been taking place over the summer. At the same time, as talks have stalled over the last few months, third party negotiators have been brought in to try to make progress ahead of a September 9 deadline. If an agreement is not made by that date, the union may call for a strike or walkouts by the end of September.

Given the potential for labour disruption at Canada Post this fall, it is more important than ever to be able to provide customers with their proof of insurance quickly, consistently and securely. Signing up for My Proof of Insurance eDelivery allows brokers to leverage tools that enable them to provide their customers with the highest levels of service possible.

“It’s one more tool for us to serve our clients,” says Ken Myers, Partner at Gateway Insurance Group in Nova Scotia, “helping reduce any concern they may have about the timely delivery of their insurance documents.”

A recent Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) survey found that 74% of consumers want their insurance documents electronically. The My Proof of Insurance allows brokers to meet this expectation, sending documents and eSlips through a custom-branded email. Consumers can open and save attached PDF policy documents on any device. eSlips will be stored in their smartphone’s mobile digital wallet alongside credit cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes and other digital documents, ready to be displayed at any time.

Further, consumers do not need to worry about privacy: their phone can be locked to display only the eSlip, restricting access to apps, messages and other personal information.

“It’s a great tool that is advantageous for the customers,” says Diane Fortin, President of Fortin, Ouellet assurances inc. in Quebec. “If brokers have a customer who’s in the dealership with a new vehicle, they can send an eSlip instantly. Truckers have said it was helpful since they have the eSlips on their phone the whole time instead of digging around for the paper copy. It’s just super convenient.”

By leveraging simple and straightforward tools such as My Proof of Insurance, brokers can provide the highest level of service possible while giving consumers confidence that their insurance needs will be met no matter where they are.

All major broker management system (BMS) vendors in Canada have announced that they will integrate with My Proof of Insurance, enabling brokers to send eSlips and other policy documents with the push of a button. Many are already live - you can see the status of each vendor here.

“As brokers, we need to provide online access for our customers,” adds Andrew Janzen, President of Janzen Insurance in BC. “Brokers need to know there’s options out there. What I like about My Proof of Insurance is that it’s simple and available at no additional cost.”