Grenville Mutual Endorses CSIO Digital Document Solution

CSIO’s industry solution for digital delivery of insurance documents (including proof of auto insurance, or eSlips) continues to gain traction, now formally endorsed by a number of insurance carriers. The most recent to do so is Grenville Mutual Insurance Company. The Ontario mutual, founded in 1892, recognizes the benefits that this solution provides to its Broker partners, in particular:

Grenville Mutual Insurance endorses the use of this solution by our Brokers to provide an electronic version of the proof of auto insurance certificate for our Policyholders.

While some Brokers will be using Consumer Access solutions which includes provision of eSlips, we anticipate that Brokers who don’t will need the CSIO solution to meet the soon-to-be-legislated provision of an electronic proof of insurance for their clients.

Release of the solution is expected by year-end. Click here for more details.