eSlips Coming in 2017

Learn more about eSlipsThe Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) has announced that it will implement electronic proof of auto insurance, or eSlips, in the first half of 2017. Once implemented, drivers will no longer be required to carry a paper copy of their proof of insurance. Instead, they will have the option to use their mobile device to display a digital version.

eSlips will benefit the broker channel in many ways, including:

  • Meeting the expectations of consumers for digital delivery of insurance documents
  • Reduced operational costs for printing and mailing pink slips
  • Fully realize the benefits of CSIO’s eDelivery solution, sending electronic copies of policy documents to insureds without the requirement to mail a paper pink slip as well

This announcement caps off a great deal of effort on eSlips in 2016, including CSIO’s February eSlips Advisory Report and CCIR’s May Issues Paper. CSIO is in communication with CCIR on this initiative and looks forward to working with them to ensure the successful implementation of eSlips in 2017.