Digital Wallets and eSlips Explained

CSIO’s My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution allows brokers to send digital policy documents and eSlips to their customers safely and conveniently. But what does that really mean for your customers?

Brokers can use the My Proof of Insurance solution to email digital documents to their clients. While you can attach any file type to the email, the proof of auto insurance, or eSlip, is a special type of file that can only be stored on a smartphone’s digital wallet.

What Is a Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets are smartphone versions of your physical wallet, featuring bank-grade security to digitally store your most important cards and documents. They are easy to use and available on Apple, Android and Windows smartphones. Apple iPhones and Windows phones come with a digital wallet already installed, and the Google Play store has many wallet options that Android users can download for free such as Pass2U and WalletPasses.

Digital proof of auto insurance, or eSlips, can take many forms – a PDF document, an image stored in a self-service insurance app, or even just a picture of the paper slip saved to your smartphone’s photo library. The most secure form, however, is the digital wallet card.

Why Digital Wallets?

  1. Secure: If you’ve ever seen someone pay for their purchases by tapping their phone on a point-of-sale machine instead of using cash or payment card, they’re probably using a digital wallet. Banks around the world rely on this technology to store credit and debit cards and process financial transactions, all while keeping customer information safe and secure.
  2. Privacy: Apple and Android smartphones enable users to lock the screen while displaying their eSlip to police or other drivers, restricting access to other apps, personal information, and blocking notifications of calls and text messages.
  3. Convenience: Consumers already use digital wallets to store credit cards, boarding passes, points cards and event tickets, making it a natural place to store eSlips as well. Storing all your cards in one place makes it easy to find the one you need, particularly in high-stress situations such as traffic stops.

Why My Proof of Insurance?

  • My Proof of Insurance is a FREE member benefit of CSIO.
  • BMS integration means brokers can use the solution to send eSlips and other policy documents without leaving their BMS.
  • Sign up and begin sending eSlips and other policy documents in as little as 5 minutes!