About CSIOnet

CSIOnetConnecting over 38,000 brokers with their carrier partners daily, CSIOnet provides a secure platform for the efficient exchange of policy information, allowing brokers to deliver exceptional service that today’s customers have come to expect.

Since 1997, CSIOnet has been the industry network for connectivity and data exchange between carriers and brokers in the property and casualty insurance industry. CSIOnet leverages the CSIO standards, ensuring consistent and efficient transmission of daily uploads and downloads of policy data and eDocs.

Customer Benefits

Broker Benefits

Insurer Benefits

  • Improved convenience and experience (receiving their policies more quickly)
  • Improved security of customer data
  • Contributes to paperless workflow efficiency
  • Immediate access to policy information, servicing the customer more effectively
  • Meets broker/insurer expectations of using a fast and secure network to transact policy data
  • Contributes to improved competitive position against direct writers

Online Banking Available

CSIOnet customers can pay CSIO through their personal or business online banking account with the following institutions:

  1. BMO
  2. CIBC
  3. Desjardins
  4. RBC
  5. Scotiabank
  6. TD Canada Trust

Click here for instructions on adding CSIO as a payee to your online banking account.

CSIOnet Platform

With the tremendous success of eDocs and our growing membership base, CSIOnet has seen significant increases in daily transaction traffic. To ensure CSIO continues to provide its members with the fastest and most secure means of exchanging insurance information, CSIO launched a major industry initiative in 2015 to re-engineer the existing CSIOnet platform. Partnering with its network service provider, TELUS, CSIO worked closely with its members to build a new CSIOnet platform that includes the following key features:

  • Improved performance with increased processing power to meet rising transaction volume demands (e.g., more eDocs transferred per minute)
  • Higher availability for improved recoverability
  • Interface extensibility to enable enhanced features like web services integration 
  • Separate testing environment
  • Backward compatibility with existing member adapters

eDocs and CSIOnet

CSIO eDocs saves the P&C industry time and money by allowing policy documents (usually PDFs) to be downloaded directly from an insurer’s system to a broker’s BMS via CSIOnet. The transmitted documents are then stored automatically in the broker’s BMS without the need for manual intervention.

Since its release in 2012, eDocs has seen tremendous success with significant adoption across the nation and considerable growth in daily transaction traffic on CSIOnet.  

Bryan Mo“It can be challenging for brokers to transact business with multiple insurers, each with their own portals, but CSIO brings it all together with industry standards such as EDI/XML download and eDocs. Our brokers who make the most of these tools consistently report increased efficiencies and an improved customer experience.”

Bryan Mo, Director, PI Platform, Personal Insurance, Travelers Canada


CSIOnet Account Lookup

Use the CSIOnet Account Lookup tool to quickly find your CSIOnet machine address and other credentials you need to connect with your business partners.

TELUS – a trusted partner

TELUSIn cooperation with CSIO, TELUS houses and monitors the CSIOnet infrastructure.

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CSIO’s Help Desk provides bilingual technical support to our members.

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