eSignaturesPaperless, secure and convenient, electronic signatures enable customers to sign documents electronically on computers and mobile devices in a single step. The resulting transactions are fast, secure, verifiable and paperless, improving customer service while reducing costs for brokers.

Customer Benefits

Broker Benefits

Insurer Benefits

  • Improved convenience and experience
  • Sign by mouse or touchscreen anywhere, anytime
  • Elimination of print-sign-scan process
  • Ability to initiate and complete sales cycle quickly and efficiently
  • Improved retention through improved customer convenience
  • Reduced errors and follow-up calls
  • Paperless workflow efficiency complements benefits of eDocs and CSIOnet
  • Digital validation and audit trails deter contract disputes from reaching court
  • Tamper-proof records
  • Improved competitive position against direct writers

eSignatures Vendor Dashboard

eSignatures Infographic
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The Dashboard reviews a number of eSignatures solutions available in Canada against the following criteria:

  • Legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Workflow efficiency and user experience
  • Pricing and support

Using the Dashboard is an excellent first step for brokers when deciding to investigate a solution that best fits their organizational needs.

eSignatures Savings Calculator

This member tool estimates the return on investment (ROI) of adopting an eSignatures solution. The calculator estimates the monthly and yearly cost savings members can expect to realize through paperless workflow. See how much you can save

eSignatures White Paper

Best Practices for Adoption of eSignatures in P&C Insurance

CSIO Advisory Report

CSIO commissioned Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP to review the legal and regulatory landscape governing eSignatures in Canada. The report, completed in November 2013, is the foundation of our vendor scorecard RFI and serves to educate brokers and insurers on:

  • Legal requirements for the use of electronic signatures, records and delivery in P&C insurance in Canada
  • Best practices when selecting and implementing an effective, compliant eSignatures solution
  • Glossary of terms as they relate to eSignatures in law and in practice

Webinar: A Lawyer’s Perspective on eSignatures in Canadian Insurance

Daniel Fabiano, partner at Fasken Martineau and author of the Advisory Report, explains the legal requirements for eSignatures in the insurance industry, and shares his thoughts on e-commerce technology.

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