CSIO Certification

The CSIO certification program promotes the efficient, seamless exchange of policy data and information within the broker channel by recognizing carriers and vendors that have implemented the standards in accordance with industry best practices.

The objectives of CSIO Certification are to:

  • Provide a national program to reduce the cost and risk to carriers, vendors, brokers
  • Promote the use of trusted, interoperable technology applications in the Canadian marketplace
  • Ensure standards-based solutions are uniformly implemented across the country 
CSIO Certification History
Business Activity Date Launched Eligible Members
eDocs - personal lines September 2013 Insurers, Vendors
eDocs - commercial lines August 2015 Insurers, Vendors
CSIO Standards: Certification of Compliance September 2017 Insurers

Certification of Compliance

This certification recognizes CSIO member carriers who fully comply with the CSIO standards, using no custom coverage codes (known as Z-Codes). Z-Codes are often not recognized by broker management system (BMS) platforms, leading to workflow inefficiencies for brokers.

eDocs Certification

Available for personal and commercial lines, the eDocs certification program enables carriers and vendors to verify their implementation of eDocs with CSIO technical staff, ensuring the seamless exchange of eDocs between carriers and brokers.

Benefits of CSIO Certification

  • CSIO CertificationCertification adds authority: being able to say that you comply with widely recognized and respected industry standards adds authority to your insurance information technology application.

  • Certification reduces the cost and risk to carriers, vendors, brokers and other purchasers of insurance information technology applications in Canada by promoting the use of trusted, interoperable solutions.

  • Certification demonstrates continuous improvement: certification demonstrates to your customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you are committed to best practices and continuous business improvement.

Description of the Framework

Application Management


  • eDocs
  • Commercial Property, Liability & Automobile 
  • Personal Property, Liability & Automobile 
  • Claims Notification 
  • Billing Inquiry

* These criteria vary depending on the type of solution.


  • Risk Management
  • Data Management
  • System Security
  • Application Accreditation
  • Third Party Services

Canadian Underwriter Article

For more information about CSIO Certification, read this article that was published in the November 2013 edition of Canadian Underwriter.