Commercial Insurance Application

This form allows brokers to gather the risk information necessary to ensure their customers obtain the right coverages and limits to address their commercial insurance needs.

Click here to download the Commercial Insurance Application

Benefits of this form include…

Saves brokers time

  • The new Commercial Insurance Application incorporates the essential elements from the Package Policy form, eliminating the need for a separate Package Policy form. With only one form to complete, brokers save valuable time – time that can be spent focusing on the customer!

Accommodates eco-friendly customers

  • Keeping up with the increasing “green” trend, questions were added about alternative energy use, including geothermal, solar and wind. Questions surrounding rubber and green roofs have also been added to the property and contracting sections.

Consistency across forms

  • The liability/casualty portion of this Commercial Insurance Application is from the latest CGL form. This eliminates any duplication of questions and captures all the relevant information in an efficient and concise manner.

Access list of all current CSIO forms

CSIO creates and maintains standardized forms on behalf of the entire Canadian P&C insurance industry. The forms are available only to CSIO members, including brokers who are members of their provincial association.

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