Commercial General Liability

This form allows brokers to gather the information necessary to create a strong CGL policy for their customers.

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Benefits of this form include…

P3 enhancements

  • A substantial enhancement to the CGL form was the addition of questions and fields to better accommodate public-private partnerships (P3s) in the construction industry. General contractors and subcontractors participating in P3s often elevate their liability exposure because most P3 projects include additional design and build responsibilities.

Consistency across forms

  • This revised CGL form also serves as the liability/casualty portion of the Commercial Insurance Application.
  • The consistent implementation of CSIO standardized forms across the P&C industry ensures risk information is communicated clearly and efficiently between brokers and insurers.

Access list of all current CSIO forms

CSIO creates and maintains standardized forms on behalf of the entire Canadian P&C insurance industry. The forms are available only to CSIO members, including brokers who are members of their provincial association.

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