One in five Canadian businesses reported a cybersecurity incident in 2017. With cyber threats on the rise, brokerage owners need to equip their staff with knowledge and training to prevent these attacks and protect their business and customer data.

Cybersecurity eLearning course

In response to growing broker demand for cybersecurity training, CSIO has launched a new eLearning program with courses on Cybersecurity Essentials and Ransomware.

Cost: Free to CSIO members.

Accreditation: Accredited for CE hours in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.


"Security 101 for Brokers" Webinar





This webinar will look at best practices/techniques brokers can implement to increase security within their brokerage. Show me the webinar!

"Cybersecurity: How to protect yourself and your company" Webinar

Featuring a special guest cybersecurity expert from Grant Thornton LLP, learn how to improve your data security and learn some of the best practices for implementing a robust security strategy in your organization. Show me the webinar!

Crash Course: Cybersecurity (Part 1)

Part 1 - Watch this Crash Course on Cybersecurity - featuring CSIO Chief Architect, Hans Gantzkow - to learn about some best practices for keeping data secure within your brokerage.

Watch Crash Course: Cybersecurity (Part 2) Here!

Infosheets on Security

Read these infosheets for valuable tips on educating your workforce about cyber risk and setting up your systems to minimize this often underestimated risk.


Infosheet #1: Password Protection & Management

Password Protection & Management consists of the rules and policies governing how passwords are created, stored and changed in order to ensure that they remain a secure and reliable means of authenticating identity and controlling access. 

Infosheet #2: Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware (malicious software) designed to block access to a computer, network and/or data until a sum of money is paid.

Infosheet #3: Mobile Device Best Practices

Imagine a series of objects distributed throughout your brokerage, in the hands of every employee, moving from office to office regularly, storing highly sensitive data, and featuring numerous wireless technologies all ripe for attack. You almost certainly have them today: mobile devices.

Infosheet #4: Social Engineering

Social engineering, also known as “human hacking”, takes advantage of common human behaviour to trick employees into downloading malicious code onto company computers or divulging sensitive information.

Infosheet #5: The Insider Threat

The insider threat is a security risk created by individuals associated with an organization such as employees, former employees, contractors or business associates. 

Infosheet #6: Social Media Scams

A Critical Risk occurs when brokerages use social media for marketing purposes and/or allow their employees to use social media at work without educating them about how to recognize and avoid scams on social media, which can ultimately harm a brokerage’s reputation.

Infosheet #7: Vendor Risk Management

A Critical Risk occurs when companies concentrate solely on in-house issues when developing their cybersecurity program and strategy, simply assuming that their third-party vendors will have adequate security protocols in place.

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