First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

The FNOL transaction allows a more efficient customer experience when a claims situation arises.  A customer that files a claim through their broker, information about that claim is automatically registered with the insurance company and important information pertaining to that claim is immediately provided to the customer.  This information includes contact information, adjuster contact and information, process and progress documentation and, of course, a claim number for future reference.  Today, this process is essentially manual involving multiple steps and multiple forms of communication, and can take days to compile.  By automating this process using the FNOL standard, brokers using a BMS/CMS system that has the FNOL reusable data service and which is supported by a participating carrier, customers can receive all of this information quickly and efficiently. 


By following the Implementation Specifications Guideline for the specific reusable data service contained within this library, insurance companies and BMS/CMS vendors that implement this service would eliminate a significant amount of the ‘discovery’ process normally associated with new application and systems integration development.  


The CSIO XML Standard is licensed to CSIO by ACORD. If you have any questions on this data service, please direct them to: 

For brokers wanting to download the RDS for use within their own IT environments please contact CSIO Helpdesk at

Version 1.0
  • CSIO XML Samples
  • Service Message Samples
  • Implementation Specifications Guideline V5
  • Claims Required Fields