Insurers and brokers across Canada are embracing CSIO’s My Proof of Insurance solution, with adoption continuing to grow across Canada! This solution enables members to securely send proof of auto insurance (eSlips) and digital policy documents to personal and commercial lines customers over email, at no additional cost. Give your customers the experience they expect, and the option to access their proof of insurance on their phones, whenever they need it.


My Proof of Insurance Product Features

Consumer Benefits

  • No username or passwords: Customers don’t need to download an app or login to any portal – the pink slip is available 24/7 in their digital wallet
  • Offline access: eSlip accessible anytime, anywhere – without the need for internet or data
  • Privacy: Ability to lock their phone while displaying eSlips, keeping phone data including apps, notifications and texts private
  • Security: All emails are encrypted to protect personal information
  • Share with other drivers: Easily share the eSlip with all drivers for personal vehicles and fleet policies


Member Benefits

  • Available for all lines of business: Use the solution to send documents and eSlips for personal lines and commercial lines as legally required
  • Branding: Customizable email with branding, messaging and automatically display broker and insurer logos
  • Detailed Reports: Track the success rate of eSlips sent with dashboards and eDoc delivery notifications
  • For Brokers: Seamless workflow by sending policy documents and eSlips directly through your BMS 
  • For Insurers and Vendors: The API documentation allows you to quickly and easily implement and launch the solution    


I took a call from a customer, she was sitting at the Registry of Motor Vehicles trying to register a car she was given by her mother. She didn’t have a pink card as she hadn’t contacted us first. I told her I could email her a pink card and she could complete the registration on the spot. We sent it to her and she was pleasantly surprised how easy it was and it worked for her in getting the vehicle registered without having to leave their office.
– Rodney Munro, AA Munro, Nova Scotia
Anyone who’s bought a used car knows it can be a long process. Going to dealerships took weeks, negotiating took hours, even standing in line at ServiceOntario to transfer my plates took over an hour. Meanwhile, finalizing my car insurance, receiving my eSlip and putting it my digital wallet to show on my phone took just minutes. It was the quickest, most painless part of the whole experience.
– Rocco, Ontario
Making life easier for people is a critical part of delivering exceptional customer service. That’s exactly why Wawanesa worked with our broker partners and the experts at CSIO to bring in My Proof of Insurance. Thank you to our broker partners and everyone at CSIO for working together to improve the customer experience.
– Jocelyne Prefontaine, Vice President Digital & Innovation,  Wawanesa Insurance 
My Proof of Insurance – BMS Integrations

CSIO’s My Proof of Insurance has integrations available with:

  • Applied TAM, version 2018 and later
  • Applied Epic, version 2019
  • Deltek, version 1.15.60 and later
  • Vertafore SIG, version 2018.01 and later
  • Policy Works, version 2018.2 and later
  • Power Broker, version 4.33.1 and later
About Mobile Wallet Technology

Mobile wallets are smartphone apps that serve as an electronic version of a physical wallet – they are simple to use and available on Apple, Android and Windows smartphones.

With My Proof of Insurance, customers can store auto insurance cards in their mobile wallet alongside credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, event tickets, and boarding passes.

Common digital wallets:


Apple Wallet

Standard on iPhones running iOS 6 or higher. (Pre-Installed)



Available for free in Google Play store for devices running Android 3.0 or higher.



Available for free in Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Member Resources

To support members in educating and communicating the solution’s benefits to consumers, CSIO has created a variety of marketing tools, including:

  • Promotional video
  • Educational video
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • FAQs
  • Marketing assests, including logos and social media friendly graphics

Access and download the resources here

eSlip Approvals in Canada

The following provinces and territories have approved eSlips (digital proof of auto insurance cards) and CSIO's My Proof of Insurance meets each of the provincial requirements.

Province/Territory Approval Date Bulletin
Alberta August 2019 See bulletin
& Labrador
July 2019 See bulletin
April 2020 See bulletin
Nova Scotia January 2018 See bulletin
Ontario September 2019 See bulletin
Prince Edward Island December 2020 See bulletin
Yukon May 2020 See bulletin

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