CSIO standards are living documents, continually revised and refreshed to reflect changing requirements and emerging technologies. A core service provided by CSIO is the maintenance and creation of data standards. As products evolve and information needs change, the data standards used to transmit insurance information between brokers and insurers also need to be updated.

There are two different sets of data standards, namely XML for real-time transactions and AL3 (EDI) for batch transactions.

CSIO also develops and releases industry forms that can be mapped to the XML and EDI standards.

How do I access the standards?

CSIO standards are available only to CSIO members and are password protected. If you would like to join CSIO and receive access to our standards and forms, please visit our Request Membership page.

How do I request a change to the standards?

Can’t find a CSIO code? Need a new code or want to propose enhancements to the CSIO standards? Then simply submit a Standards Request here.

Frequency of working groups

As the insurance industry is changing at a rapid pace, CSIO holds monthly standards working groups. This faster, more agile approval process will allow our members to implement approved codes immediately following each working group. Working groups will be held on the first Tuesday of every month.

How often are the standards released?

The Standards Working Groups meet monthly to review pending enhancement requests. Those requests can be approved, withdrawn, or rejected. Minutes are published monthly to announce the outcomes – members can implement approved requests immediately. All approved requests are formally packaged in a bi-annual release.

Watch this video to learn more about standards:

How do I download the standards?

CSIO members can download the standards on our Download XML Standards and Download EDI Standards pages.

How can I receive training in standards?

Find out more about CSIO standards training on our Training & Supporting Documents page.