EDI Standards

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is a well-established data transmission standard that has achieved widespread adoption throughout the insurance industry, allowing brokers and insurers to exchange information in a cost-effective manner. The EDI standards are implemented through CSIOnet and allow for streamlined workflows and data processing efficiencies.

Most recent EDI standards update

2021R02, July2021

EDI standards download

To download the CSIO EDI standards, please visit our Download EDI Standards page.

EDI AssistEDI Assist

This tool will allow members to quickly and easily validate EDI messages against the CSIO data standard.

How do I request a change to the standards?

Can’t find a CSIO code? Need a new code or want to propose enhancements to the CSIO standards? Then simply submit a Standards Request here.

Working groups and MRs

Your organization can participate in the development of CSIO EDI standards by sending a representative to the national standards working groups. The representative should have experience with CSIO standards and be very comfortable with the business requirements of your organization.

To make a change to the CSIO EDI standards, complete a maintenance request (MR) and it will be addressed at an upcoming working group.

EDI covers Personal Lines

The EDI standards are particularly well established in the Personal Lines area of insurance business, i.e. Automobile and Habitational. EDI standards do not cover Commercial Lines.

The EDI standards are gradually being grandfathered, in favour of the more modern XML standards.

The batch process

EDI is executed through batch processing, as opposed to the real-time processing capabilities of XML. Batch processing is essentially a scheduled and automated cycle in which an insurance company downloads a document or series of documents to a brokerage’s BMS. This batch processing is carried out over CSIOnet.

Learn more about EDI

Visit the Training & Support page to see which EDI-related courses and webinars are being offered by CSIO.