Mobile Websites 101 for Brokers

Web traffic from mobile devices grew by over 80% in 2013. How have brokers taken advantage?

Websites are the public face of your brokerage, and increasingly that face shows up on a visitor’s smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, without a mobile-optimized website, your site may be difficult to read and navigate, turning away potential customers.

Hear what these brokers have to say about the importance of going mobile:

When it comes to content, less is more

Cory Young

People don’t go onto a mobile phone and scroll across a whole lot. Ours is a pared-down design with the main information that’s linked to more information if they want. We have a great click-to-call ratio, and people even fill out forms on their smartphones.”

Cory Young, Chief Operating Officer
Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers in Toronto, ON

 Design with goals in mind

Aly Kanji

“Our objective is to get people in the door, and our mobile site provides contact information at the top to help people find us. Hits on our mobile site translate into more people visiting our locations.

Aly Kanji, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Sussex Insurance in North Vancouver, BC

 Not all developers are created equal

Victoria Stanhope 

Talk to several website developers. Different firms can have very different offerings and price points – you’ll find the one that is the best fit for your brokerage’s needs.”

Victoria Stanhope, VP & Commercial Insurance Broker
Stanhope Simpson Insurance in Halifax, NS

Mobility is its own reward

Tracy Mcdonald

If a website doesn’t work on my phone, it makes me wonder why I’d do business with them. For us, it just doesn’t make sense not to have a mobile site.”

Tracy McDonald, President
Lake of the Woods Insurance in Kenora, ON

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