CSIO Annual Report

These annual reports showcase some of the recent CSIO successes and achievements for the benefit of the broker channel.

Annual Report 2017

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Highlights in the 2017 annual report include:

  • Development of My Proof of Insurance eDelivery
  • Creation of the agile standards process
  • Work on the real-time data exchange project
  • Continued progress with eDocs

Annual Report 2016

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Highlights in the 2016 annual report include:

  • Growth of eDocs in P&C insurance
  • eSlips
  • Agile standards process
  • Member accomplishments and awards

Annual Report 2015


Highlights in the 2015 annual report include:

  • eDelivery
  • Commercial eDocs Certification
  • SEO & Mobile Initiatives
  • Member Survey
Annual Report 2014

Highlights in the 2014 annual report include:

  • Advisory Services
  • CSIO Certification
  • CSIO eXchange
  • CSIOnet