CSIO 2022 Annual Report

Innovation is motion.

2022 Highlights

CSIO’s members don’t just share our commitment to innovation. They help drive it. Together, we’ve had another successful year supporting customer experience improvements by developing and maintaining our Standards, tools and services.

We took a number of important steps forward in 2022. Each reinforces our advancement of reliable, secure technology solutions. Each empowers our insurer and vendor members to innovate on behalf of their broker partners and customers.

Message from
the President & CEO

Catherine Smola

CSIO President & CEO

The accomplishments highlighted in this report reflect the expertise and dedication of the individuals who made them possible. All of our 2022 successes share a common trait: each one drives the customer experience forward through innovation.

In 2022, the last year of CSIO’s multi-year strategic plan, we continued to effectively collaborate with our members to deliver a number of achievements for the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. The accomplishments highlighted in this report reflect the expertise and dedication of the individuals who made them possible. All our 2022 successes share a common trait: each one drives the customer experience forward through innovation.

I’m proud of how we supported our members with enhanced Data Standards, technology and services that continuously improve their operations. Here are the ways CSIO helped to facilitate the digital advancement of our broker, insurer and vendor members who in turn strengthened their value proposition to customers.

Application Programming Interface (API) Data Standards were developed to address the gap in real-time data exchange between broker management systems (BMS) and insurers’ systems. In January, the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) teamed up with CSIO’s Innovation and Emerging Technology (INNOTECH) Advisory Committee and API Working Groups, and integrated the IBAC Data Exchange (DX) initiative into the INNOTECH API Roadmap to advance industry API development. By March, API Standards were published in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for Individually Rated Commercial Automobile (IRCA) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy inquiry. Midway through the year, the team achieved a breakthrough by finalizing business requirements for creating a quote. 2022 closed on a high note with the team finalizing business requirements for 40 new use cases, ensuring they delivered on their 2022 API roadmap.

API Security Standardization was another major priority that the INNOTECH Advisory Committee and its Working Group focused on in 2022. Authentication and authorization is a pain point for brokers as there is no agreed-upon set of security requirements that enables a BMS to seamlessly connect to multiple insurers’ systems through an industry security standard. In April, the INNOTECH Advisory Committee and CSIO’s API Security Working Group broke new ground by releasing the industry’s first API Security Standard. This provides an industry security standard to authenticate and authorize brokers to connect with insurers’ systems via APIs. Our members deserve recognition for facilitating industry connectivity through an innovative API Security Standard.

My Proof of Insurance (MPOI) was already established as the P&C insurance industry’s leading solution for digital document delivery and continued making strides. CSIO expanded the platform with new capabilities such as adding functionality to send eSlips for garage policies, further improving security, and updating technology to enhance system speed. The fact that more than 1.7 million digital documents, including electronic proof of insurance (eSlips), have been sent via MPOI since its launch in 2018 speaks to the insurance customer’s ever-increasing appetite for digitization and the industry’s ability to accommodate consumer demands.

Commercial Lines (CL) Data Standards became even more robust thanks to the efforts of the CSIO CL Working Group. They reached impressive milestones, namely, finalizing requirements to bind multi-operations small commercial business and establishing requirements for the small business real estate segment. To demonstrate how implementing CL Data Standards significantly improves operational efficiency by enabling real-time quote capabilities to brokers, the CL Working Group created the Commercial Lines Real-Time Quote Savings Calculator. Congratulations to Applied Systems Canada, Northbridge Insurance and The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company for achieving their Level 3 CL Certification, successfully demonstrating real-time quoting functionality.

Professional Development expanded with the addition of many new free, accredited courses and webinars. The end result was a record 1,400 course enrolments, more than 2,000 webinar attendees and 211 members earning their CSIO Digital Member designation by completing six courses. Our members once again displayed a strong desire to continually gain knowledge they can directly apply to their organization’s operations.

Last year, CSIO and its Board of Directors developed the next multi-year strategic roadmap that will guide us in delivering innovative solutions that advance the industry. After looking back on the shared successes of CSIO’s Board, INNOTECH Advisory Committee, Working Groups, members and employees, it’s impossible not to feel optimistic about the future. The 2022 accomplishments these talented individuals achieved through collaboration, creativity and determination are evidence of the fact that the Standards, solutions and services we provide enable the industry to deliver the best insurance experience in Canada.


Catherine Smola
CSIO President & CEO

Message from
the Chairman of the Board

Cam Loeppky

CSIO Chairman

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

I am happy to report that 2022 was highlighted by numerous advancements in CSIO Data Standards, services and technology. Our members, who represent many different organizations, do an outstanding job of working together to collectively streamline Property & Casualty insurance operations.

As our multi-year strategic roadmap comes to a close, I am happy to report that 2022 was highlighted by numerous advancements in CSIO Data Standards, services and technology. Our members, who represent many different organizations, do an outstanding job of working together to collectively streamline Property & Casualty insurance operations. Seeing the shared successes of members who always put the industry first makes me extremely proud to be Chairman of the CSIO Board. The foundation we have laid together in recent years will enable us to achieve the goals on our new strategic roadmap over the next few years for the betterment of our broker, insurer and vendor members, and their customers.

Leading the way for Application Programming Interface (API) development are the Innovation and Emerging Technology (INNOTECH) Advisory Committee and its API Working Groups. The API Security Working Group published the industry’s first API Security Standard while the API Business Requirements Working Group delivered on their 2022 API use case roadmap by finalizing the business requirements needed to publish Data Standards in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for 40 use cases. Insurers and vendors who program API Standards into their systems enable brokers to securely receive customer information in their broker management system (BMS) faster than ever before. When industry leaders come together to reach a consensus for everyone’s mutual benefit, major feats like these are the end result.

Effective collaboration also enabled CSIO to enhance the solutions and services our members depend on. We upgraded CSIOnet from a legacy, physical server to a robust, state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based environment that facilitates improved capacity, reliability, security and performance. A project of this magnitude, to migrate an entire platform to the cloud, is a tremendous undertaking that comes with unique challenges. The commitment to thorough testing and the problem-solving abilities displayed by insurer, vendor and broker members allowed the team to overcome project obstacles and ensure this important industry initiative crossed the finish line. My Proof of Insurance (MPOI), Canada’s leading solution for insurance policy document delivery, also advanced as we heightened its bank-grade security and added capabilities to expand its versatility.

The tremendous effort put forth by the Commercial Lines (CL) Working Group led the continued evolution of CL Data Standards. Defining requirements for a fourth small business segment, real estate, as well as developing the CL Real-Time Quote Savings Calculator to demonstrate the value of CL Standards to brokers rank among their most notable accomplishments. The industry showed a growing desire to adopt CL Data Standards as three more members earned Level 3 CL Certification to become fully certified in Commercial Lines.

All CSIO’s 2022 successes start and end with dedicated and passionate members who work hand-in-hand to drive innovative Standards and solutions for our industry. The technology they produce empowers the broker channel to not only meet consumers’ evolving digital expectations but exceed them. As CSIO’s Chairman of the Board, working alongside diverse leaders who champion industry progress has been extremely rewarding. We will continue strengthening the industry for the benefit of brokers, insurers, vendors and customers as we build on this year’s successes and deliver on our next three-year strategic plan.


Cam Loeppky, CSIO Chairman
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

Who We Are

Our Members







An ever-growing network of digitally-
focused industry leaders.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides insight and leadership that enables CSIO to continuously drive the Canadian P&C industry forward. We greatly appreciate the efforts of these knowledgeable executives for another successful year.

Mathieu Brunet

Vice President,
Insurance Operations,
MP2B Assurance

Joseph Carnevale

Vice President, Sales - Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA),
A.J. Gallagher

Steve Earle

Bauld Insurance

Christopher Harness

Chief Information Officer,
Northbridge Financial Corporation

Aly Kanji

President &
Chief Executive Officer,
InsureLine Brokers Inc.

Tatjana Lalkovic

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,
Definity Financial

Michael Lin

Chief Information Officer,
Travelers Canada

Cam Loeppky

CSIO Chairman,
Senior Vice President &
Chief Information Officer,
The Wawanesa Mutual
Insurance Company

Catherine Smola

President &
Chief Executive Officer,

Luc Tanguay

Senior Vice President -
Commercial Lines,
Intact Financial Corporation

Zoey Todorovic

Chief Information Officer,
Aviva Canada

James Warburton

Chief Information Officer,
Gore Mutual Insurance Company

Sheldon Wasylenko

CSIO Vice Chair,
General Manager,
Rayner Agencies Ltd.

Peter Braid

CSIO Guest Member,
Chief Executive Officer,
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada

Broker Technology

All of our members share a common goal – to deliver the best possible customer experience. CSIO champions secure technology Standards, tools and services to drive customer satisfaction across the insurance value chain. Our efforts ensure that insurer and broker systems work together, exchanging data in a structured format, efficiently and accurately.

CSIO’s Innovation and Emerging Technology (INNOTECH) Advisory Committee and its Working Groups are committed to advancing broker technology. Working together with our members, we delivered a number of firsts in 2022, addressing the industry’s most common pain points related to Application Programming Interface (API) Data Standards, API Security Standards and Billing & Claims eDocs Notifications.

INNOTECH API Data Standards

Broker management systems (BMS) and the insurer systems they need to communicate with don’t always speak the same language. As a result, brokers need to access an insurance company’s portal or contact the insurer – via email or telephone – to access customer information.

APIs enable BMS and insurer systems to share information with one another. Insurer systems programmed with API coding can do so securely, in real-time – faster than ever before. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the best-available technology for API data interchange, delivering larger amounts of information between insurer and broker systems, more quickly than before.

Think of the broker as a restaurant customer. The insurance company – the chef in this metaphor – prepares whatever meal the broker asks for. The order is submitted via BMS, and relayed to the kitchen by JSON API Standards. That makes JSON the restaurant server. JSON ensures that the broker’s request is communicated quickly, clearly and efficiently. Far more so than if the broker were to go into the kitchen and try to get the chef’s attention directly.

A Big Year for CSIO’s API Data Standards

CSIO’s INNOTECH Advisory Committee and API Working Groups delivered on our 2022 API
Development Roadmap.


The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) Data Exchange (DX) initiative rolled into the INNOTECH API Roadmap.


Confirmed priority API use cases to be developed for the 2022 roadmap.


JSON API Standards published for Individually Rated Commercial Automobile (IRCA) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy inquiry.


Creating a quote’s business requirements finalized – the year’s first major milestone since IBAC DX rolled into INNOTECH roadmap.


Finalized business requirements needed to publish JSON API Standards for 10 new use cases.

2022 API Development Roadmap

There are 40 use cases in total, 10 each for the personal automobile, habitational insurance, IRCA and CGL lines of business.

  • Get quote
  • Create quote submission
  • Request bind
  • Policy amendment of details
  • Addition of coverage/risk
  • Deletion of coverage/risk
  • Policy cancellation
  • Create first notice of loss
  • Get claims status
  • Amend payment details

Top Five Benefits of API Data Standards

Real-time data exchange between insurer systems and BMS

Fluid information delivery

Eliminates multiple portals and processes

Improves customer experience

Saves time

INNOTECH API Security Standard

Brokers trying to log into insurer systems have to deal with a variety of authentication and authorization processes. Similarly, BMSs have varying levels of security.

The INNOTECH Advisory Committee and API Security Working Group made progress in the development of one common authentication and authorization API model, by publishing the industry’s first API Security Standard, and set of best practices. This provides brokers the security requirement they need prior to authenticating into an insurer system.

The Working Group has plans to advance the Standard to accommodate more API interaction, and to evolve the API Security Standard for microservices.

Top Three Benefits of the API Security Standard

Seamless log-in process for brokers

Versatility - new functionality will follow

Enables continuous improvement - we’ll keep innovating for future security needs

INNOTECH API Security Accomplishment

API Security Working Group published the P&C Insurance industry’s first API Security Standard

Kim Opheim

Broker Technology and Innovation Consultant at IBAC and INNOTECH Advisory Committee Member

This is foundational work that will support data exchange

Our industry has increasingly leveraged technology to digitize operations since early 2020, which makes security more important than ever. It’s been a great experience working with the CSIO INNOTECH Working Group’s insurers and vendors on this very complex and important API security project. This is foundational work that will support data exchange for the betterment of the broker distribution channel.

INNOTECH API Working Groups: The People Behind the Success

Please join us in thanking the brokers, insurers and vendors who make up our three Working Groups:

API Business Requirements

API Technical Standards

API Security

INNOTECH Billing and Claims
eDocs Notifications

Brokers spend a lot of time chasing billing and claims information. According to a CSIO broker survey:


68% of brokers spend 1 hour plus per day answering customer billing questions.


66% of brokers make at least 1 claims call to an insurer each day.

Billing and Claims eDocs Notifications provide brokers automatic customer billing-and claims-related status updates, directly to their BMS. Insurers can deliver these details securely and easily.

Billing and Claims eDocs Notifications leverage CSIO eDocs and CSIOnet to streamline the flow of information across dozens of use cases. The INNOTECH Advisory Committee and its Working Groups will continue to grow that list in the months and years ahead.

Billing Use Cases

  • Payment Schedule on Recurring Payments
  • Payment Schedule on Payment Installments
  • Payment Returned on Recurring Monthly Payments (no intent to cancel)
  • Payment Returned on Payment Installments
  • Past Due Payment/Reminder Notice
  • Notice of Intent to Cancel/Final Reminder
  • Notice of Cancellation Option to Reinstate (registered letter)
  • Notice of Cancellation No Option to Reinstate (registered letter)
  • Refund Being Returned to Policyholder
  • Payment Received/Rescind Cancellation
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Collection Notice

Claims Use Cases

  • Claim Opening
  • Claim Reopening
  • Claim Close
  • Adjuster Assigned
  • Adjuster Re-Assigned
  • Status Update - Car Rental Update
  • Status Update - Total Loss Indicator
  • Status Update - Fault Determination/Liability
  • Payment Status to Insured (Issued, Date, Location, Payment Method)

Top Five Benefits of Billing and Claims eDocs Notifications

Seamless billing and claims data exchange

Instant access to customer data

Saves broker’s time that can be spent with the customer

Eliminates hard-copy document costs

Better for the environment

Billing and Claims eDocs Certification Program

Our Certification program ensures that insurers’ and vendors’ use of this valuable service meets CSIO Standards.

Congratulations to The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company – the first insurer to earn CSIO’s Claims eDocs Certification. Additional insurers and vendors will be certified in 2023.

Lisa Colwell

VP Personal Lines at Wilson Insurance Ltd.

This will enable greater productivity for our brokers

Our brokerage is very excited for Billing & Claims eDocs solutions to be implemented with our carriers. We look forward to the digital solutions reducing operational costs and providing more efficient workflows. This will enable greater productivity for our brokers so they spend less time retrieving information and more time focusing on our clients.

Professional Development

CSIO’s Professional Development offers free, accredited courses (on-demand) and webinars for members to keep pace with the latest trends and best practices.

In 2022, we continued expanding Professional Development by adding new courses and webinars as part of our commitment to helping members improve their knowledge of digital transformation best practices, digital tools and technologies that drive improved, more innovative customer experiences.

Build Your Brand With CSIO’s Digital Member Designation

Looking to stand out as a lifelong learner? Members who complete six courses earn our Digital Member designation.

Top Five Benefits of Professional Development

Free, accredited courses on demand

Industry-recognized Digital Member designation

Top professional instructors

Increase brokers’ digital competencies

Promotes digital best practices

Jennifer Berfelz

Personal Lines Account Executive, General Insurance Division at Programmed Insurance Brokers Inc.

The on-demand courses make it convenient to learn on your own time

The variety of accredited topics CSIO’s education program covers makes it easy to find a course that is relevant to what you want to learn in today’s ever-changing digital world. The on-demand courses make it convenient to learn on your own time and fit into your schedule. You’ll have the six credits you need to earn the Digital Member designation in no time.

Industry Standards Drive
Customer Experience

For more than four decades, CSIO has developed Data Standards and tools for the Canadian Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance industry.

By helping to streamline the transmission of insurance information, CSIO Data Standards and tools empower our insurer and vendor members to innovate on behalf of their broker partners and the customers they work hard to serve.

We share our members’ dedication to continuous improvement. CSIO supports brokers across the industry, with Commercial Lines (CL) Data Standards and CSIO Data Standards.

Commercial Lines Data Standards

Our CL Working Group made significant progress supporting real-time small business commercial quote and bind this year.

Real estate was added to the list of small business commercial segments sharing a common data set and streamlined data exchange. The real estate segment joins the contractor, retailer and business and professional services segments, as well as multi-operations small business. Brokers can now provide these customers dynamic, real-time pricing that accommodates limit and risk changes. These Standards mean small business commercial quotes can be produced accurately in minutes, saving brokers time and money, and improving the customer experience. Additional segments will follow in the years ahead.

Top Five Benefits of CL Data Standards

Automated quotes in real time

Faster information flow between broker and insurer systems

More accurate quotes

Savings by the digitalization of transaction

Automatic generation of electronic policy documents by a broker management system

The Working Group also finalized the requirements to bind small commercial business. This enables the exchange of information between broker and insurer systems during the binding process in real time.

The Working Group also developed the Commercial Lines Real-Time Quote Savings Calculator. Brokers can use it to assess the savings available to them when they work with insurers and broker management system vendors who have implemented CSIO’s Commercial Lines Minimum Data Set.

We are grateful to the members of our Commercial Lines Working Group. Their dedication makes a positive impact on our industry every day.

Silvy Wright

President & CEO at Northbridge Financial

This innovation is an important first step in collaborating

Insurance companies that have adopted CSIO Commercial Lines Data Standards are now launching initiatives that allow brokers to efficiently exchange small business submission and quote data right from their own broker management systems. This innovation is an important first step in collaborating with brokers and other carriers to evolve and modernize, creating value for brokers, carriers – and ultimately, our customers.

Commercial Lines Certification Program

Organizations that choose to demonstrate their commitment to CL Data Standards have our full support. The CL Certification program is CSIO’s guarantee that an insurer or vendor is fully compliant with industry best practices.

Applied Systems, Northbridge Insurance and The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company each achieved Level 3 certification in 2022.

See a full list of CL Certified Members here.

CSIO Data Standards

We never stop updating the CSIO Data Standards. As industry requirements evolve, so do the Standards that keep the industry’s ecosystems communicating effectively. Our National Standards Working Group reviews and implements updates monthly.

Policy documents, eDocs, eSlips, and EDI and XML downloads all go through CSIOnet, and all rely on standardized communication. Keeping these living documents in sync with business needs is an essential service that we’re proud to deliver.

3 sets of CSIO Data Standards: EDI, XML and JSON

20+ organizations working together to ensure the Data Standards evolve with industry requirements

152 updates to the CSIO Data Standards

Please join us in recognizing the members of our National Standards Working Group. They continue to do important work for Canada’s P&C Insurance industry.

Services and Solutions
You Can Trust

CSIO remains dedicated to developing and maintaining reliable, secure services for the Canadian P&C Insurance industry. We completed improvements to two of our popular services in 2022: My Proof of Insurance (MPOI) and CSIOnet.

CSIO expanded the MPOI eDelivery platform and implemented new features, some as a direct result of member feedback. We also moved CSIOnet to a robust, cloud-based platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is a major step forward for CSIO and the industry. We have repeatedly demonstrated our commitment to improving customer experience in the broker channel – another significant achievement that will accommodate continued innovation and growth in the years to come.

My Proof of Insurance

MPOI is Canada’s leading solution for the secure, electronic delivery of personal and commercial policy documents (eDocs), including proof of auto insurance (eSlips). Policyholders can receive and view documents on any device, and eSlips can be stored in a smartphone’s mobile wallet.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization of Canada’s P&C Insurance industry, out of both necessity and rising consumer demand. Thanks to the foresight of CSIO leadership, the MPOI delivery platform was already established as a seamless and secure electronic document delivery platform well before 2020.

In fact, the MPOI platform has been improving steadily since its launch in 2018. And, in that time, Canadians have received over a million and a half documents (including eSlips) through the platform.

Top Six Benefits of My Proof of Insurance

Fast and seamless

Bank-grade security

Compliant with
industry regulations

implementation, with
minimal training required

Sends policy
documents, billing
statements and eSlips

Works on any device,
with no need for
apps or passwords

Expanding MPOI’s Capabilities

In 2022, we took three big steps forward with MPOI:

  • Updated the technology that supports MPOI, to maintain its bank-grade security and high-speed functionality
  • Enhanced security measures and protocol
  • Added new capabilities, such as adding functionality to send eSlips for garage policies

Cam Loeppky

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at
The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company and CSIO Board Member

Whatever we need to send to customers, we can do it using this solution

My Proof of Insurance met all of the requirements for our paperless strategy. It’s a multifunctional solution capable of sending not only eSlips, but any renewal document, new policy, endorsements, and even billing and claims statements. Whatever we need to send to customers, we can do it using this solution.


Thanks to CSIO’s eDocs solution, brokers can download policy documents into their BMS, directly from an insurer’s system via CSIOnet. These eDocs are fully standardized. Insurers who use them structure their data within agreed-upon rules so that the data can be read and stored by any software.

In 2020, we launched Billing and Claims eDocs notification solutions, and added Billing and Claims to the CSIO eDocs Certification Program. eDocs reduce paper usage, deliver more efficient workflows and facilitate real-time, instantaneous transactions. We recognize all of our members who have made the commitment to eDocs through Certification.

Top Five Benefits of eDocs

Supports all lines of business – personal, commercial, farm – and billing and claims documents

Works with any software, document and file type

Ensures seamless transfers and easy downloads

Established as the industry’s most widely-used document delivery technology

Designed for CSIOnet, the industry’s leading platform

46 million+ eDocs sent in 2022

38,000+ brokers and 85+ insurers access CSIOnet daily


CSIOnet is an established, widely adopted platform on which data and documents are exchanged between insurers and brokers in the Canadian P&C Insurance industry. The platform sends eDocs and uses EDI and XML to allow brokers to automatically download policy information.

Greater Capacity, Reliability and Performance

We modernized CSIOnet in 2022 by moving it from a legacy physical server platform to a robust, state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based environment.

This expands the platform’s capacity, delivers enhanced reliability for optimal performance, improves download speeds and upgrades security measures to better protect information shared across the system.

Upgrading CSIOnet meets the evolving expectations of policyholders, along with the security and stability requirements of the companies that serve them.

The transition was an industry-wide initiative that involved insurers, vendors and broker members. It is a remarkable example of collaborative problem-solving and robust testing – work that involved the CSIOnet User Acceptance Testing Steering Committee and the User Acceptance Testing Group. Members of both groups deserve our thanks for their dedicated support.

Top Six Benefits of CSIOnet’s AWS Cloud Platform

Maintained a consistent user experience for brokers, insurers and vendors

Faster electronic data interchange and eDoc transfers

Improved problem detection and resolution

Enhanced security to reduce cybersecurity and other risks

Scalable capacity to support continued innovation

Streamlined innovation capabilities to meet evolving customer demands

The Power of a Modernized CSIOnet


AWS Cloud-Based Environment

Legacy Platform

Delivery - Insurer to BMS

3-5 minutes (based on BMS polling frequency set)

1 to 2 days (based on backlog volume)

Average response time per transaction

0.06 seconds, with occasional peaks of 17 seconds

0.5 seconds, with regular peaks of 10 minutes (causing timeout issues)


3-x volume capacity

Unable to meet daily capacity, with frequent backlogs


System capacity can accommodate future growth

Systems regularly at 85% to 100% capacity, causing outages during

Source: Cloudwatch and Kowshik

CSIOnet Accomplishment

Migration of CSIOnet to an Amazon Web
Services cloud-based environment

What Members Are Saying