Calculate your time and cost savings.

Identify the number of customer inquiries (phone call, portal, email, etc.) below.


Number of customer
inquiries per week
Billing Inquiry
Payment Schedule
Payment Returned
Past Due Payment
Notice of Intent to Cancel
Notice of Cancellation
Payment Received
Outstanding Balance
Collection Notice
Premium Written Off
Credit Card Expiry


Number of customer
inquiries per week
Claims Inquiry
Claim Open
Claim Re-Open
Claim Closed
Adjuster Assigned
Adjuster Re-Assigned
Car Rental Update
Confirmation of Total Loss
Fault Determination
Payment Issued

Savings Results

Cost Savings Time Savings
Process Weekly Monthly Yearly
Total Savings
* Savings results calculated on average handle time and salary based on industry feedback.

Learn More About eDocs

CSIO has published a number of informative resources to help promote and support the use of eDocs in the broker distribution channel:

Check with your BMS vendor and insurer on when these Billing & Claims eDocs solutions will be available for your BMS.