CSIO eLearning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who developed the content?

Industry leaders and experts.

For several years, CSIO has hosted well-attended webinars, bringing in expert guest speakers to educate our members on digital skills and technology trends. We’ve been able to continue to translate the same experience to our eLearning courses, which are offered on-demand at your convenience.


  1. How much commitment will this be?

Each course is comprised of several video modules and quizzes. Each course should take approximately one hour to complete. You may pause your learning at any time and your progress will be tracked for your next visit. 

Our Spotlight on Industry Leaders series is designed to be watched in one sitting. These courses are made up of one-hour video recordings of our most popular webinars, followed by a quiz on the presentation content. As these courses are made up of a single module, you need to complete your viewing in one session in order to to save your progress. 


  1. Are there any costs or fees?

The CSIO eLearning program is developed as a free benefit to our members. There are no costs associated with the program. In order to access the eLearning program, you will just need to log into CSIO.com with your account and password. If you do not have a CSIO.com account, you can set one up here.


  1. What are the courses about?

Courses are available in three streams: Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity and Insurance Innovation.


  1. What do I get out of this program?

CSIO is providing these eLearning courses to support our members in developing critical digital skills and knowledge they need to apply to their roles in the broker channel. Taking these courses demonstrates your commitment to enhancing your digital skill set and adds value to your brokerage. When you complete a course, you will receive a certificate that you can submit for CE credits in specific provinces.


  1. Can I do these courses collaboratively with my colleagues?

The CSIO eLearning courses are designed to be taken individually. Each participant needs to log in using their own CSIO.com credentials. Each course includes interactive quizzes that cannot be submitted as a group.


  1. How do I log on?

Simply log on to the CSIO.com website and navigate to CSIO.com/eLearning. Click on the <Access the eLearning Courses> button to access the eLearning courses. If you do not have a CSIO.com account, you can set one up here.


  1. What do I need to do to complete a course?

Each course is made up of a series of videos. Participants need to watch all videos from start to finish. Each video contains at least one “Test Your Knowledge” question to test you on what you have just learned.


At the end of the course is a brief quiz: participants must attain a passing grade of at least 60% to complete the course. If you do not pass the quiz on the first attempt, you can try the quiz again as many times as you wish without retaking the course. You can also choose to go back and replay any videos to refresh your memory. Once you’ve successfully passed the quiz, you will enter your first and last name and the system will generate your completion certificate to submit to your provincial body. You will need to choose to download the province of your residence. If your province is not listed, you can choose to download a certificate of completion that doesn’t state any particular province.


  1. How do I navigate the course?
    The intro to each course provides instructions for navigating the course.


  1. How soon will I get a certificate?

As soon as you’ve successfully passed the course quiz, you will enter your first and last name and the system will generate your completion certificate to submit to your provincial regulatory body. The certificate is available instantly.


  1. How often do you add new courses?

CSIO is continuously assessing the educational needs of our members relating to digital skills and technology. We will be adding new courses on a regular basis. To stay updated on new courses, make sure you sign up for a CSIO.com at Csio.com/user/register.


  1. How often do you update the content?

We know technology changes quickly so to ensure course content is always relevant, we will review and update courses every year. Information that is no longer applicable will be removed and replaced with fresh content.


  1. Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties?

If you’re having any difficulties accessing or completing a course, please email us at eLearning@csio.com or call us at 1-800463-2746.


  1. What are the technical requirements to accessing the courses?

An Internet connection is required to access the courses.

While the eLearning platform can be accessed using the latest versions of most common browsers, the recommended browser is Google Chrome. We do not recommend Internet explorer. The course are fully responsive and can be viewed on any mobile device.


  1. Can I log on from multiple devices?

Yes, you can choose to start a course on one device (such as your work computer) and continue from home, on a personal device, including tablets and smartphones. You will just need to log in to CSIO.com/eLearning with your username and password.